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Developing new products, promoting the brand globally, while maintaining strong links with customers and partners, are all good reasons for the presence and investment of the Elf and TotalEnergies brands in motorcycle racing. 

TotalEnergies and MotoE

Since 2019, a new discipline has been created: MotoE. Run with electrically powered machines supplied from this year by Ducati, this series has opened up a new field of experimentation for engineers. As a partner of the Tech 3 E-Racing team, which has entered two machines for the Italian Alessandro Zaccone and Japanese rider Hikari Okubo, TotalEnergies is developing a brand new range of products dedicated to electric motors: Hi-Perf EV FLUID.

The 2023 stakes

In 2023, a new era will dawn for MotoE. After four seasons as an FIM World Cup using Energica supplied machines, the series will this season enjoy World Championship status. With the arrival of the Silverstone circuit on the calendar, eight rendez-vous and sixteen races are now scheduled, with two races per weekend. Another important change is the machines supplied to the teams this season have been manufactured by Ducati. 

Chosen by the promoter to succeed Energica, the Italian manufacturer has developed a bike that is 100% competition focused. The eighteen riders on the MotoE grid will ride a V21L that meets a new and more demanding set of specifications, weighing in under the 237kg mark and capable of racing one or two laps longer. The V21L weighs in at 225kg, 12kg less than the future regulations demand, with 46% of the weight distributed to the rear and 54% to the front and a wheelbase of 1471mm. 

In terms of power, Ducati has announced 110kW, or 150bhp and 140Nm, which enabled the V21L to reach a top speed of 275kph at the Mugello circuit. The new world championship will kick off at Le Mans on the weekend of May 14, with the French Grand Prix. The season will end on 10 September at Misano.


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