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TotalEnergies is the official energy partner of the ‘Le Mans Virtual Series’ (LVMS).

The Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the world’s biggest Esports events. 50 cars divided into two categories – LMP and GTE – take to the starting line. The cars are entrusted to 200 professional and simulation drivers who compete against each other using simulators located around the world.

TotalEnergies' commitment to the Le Mans Virtual Series

Following on from the partnership with the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) for which TotalEnergies is the official biofuel partner and supplier, we have shown our commitment and support to the Le Mans Virtual Series as an energy partner since 2020.

TotalEnergies is proud of its involvement in the E-sport event. While it marks a small revolution within motor racing, it is also tangible proof of TotalEnergies' strategy to support its clients and partners as they shift towards new forms of competition, especially when they venture into the virtual world. There are close ties between the worlds of motorsport and e-sports for manufacturers, teams, and drivers alike, especially when it comes to training.



Presentation of the Le Mans Virtual Series

Virtual competitions have become highly professional fixtures thanks to the involvement of official teams from automotive manufacturers and high-level E-Sports teams. The 2021-2022 season was watched by 81 million spectators.

The Le Mans Virtual Series recreates the greatest circuit endurance races, with drivers and Simracers pitted against each other in races that are almost identical to the real thing, the only difference being that racers use the rFactor2 racing simulator.

The competition serves as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds, bringing together both racing drivers and professional Simracers who compete against each on five circuits that reflect the greatest endurance races in existence. Five days of intense competition with the winning team taking home a $250,000 prize. Participants are given the opportunity to compete on some of the world's most famous and prestigious circuits, spread across three continents.

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    millions spectators
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How can I watch the Le Mans Virtual Series?


There are a number of ways to watch the Le Mans Virtual Series live or as replay.

The websites:,, and the FIA World Endurance Championship YouTube channel for a live feed of the race. TraxionGG broadcasts the event via Twitch, Youtube and Facebook.





LMVS Rule and Regulations

The event takes place on the rFactor 2 platform. The race includes driver changes, day/night transitions, and dynamic weather. Two circuit categories: LMP and GTE. The LMP class is ‘single-class’ category with the Oreca 07, while the GTE features five cars: the Aston Martin Vantage GTE, BMW M8 GTE, Corvette C8. R, Ferrari 488 GTE, and Porsche 911 RSR GTE. Damage will affect a car, but it can be repaired during pit stops. The simulation also includes fuel use and tire wear. Teams will take advantage of the tests to fine tune their cars for greater performance. Each team must have four drivers, including at least two FIA International (Pro) license holders. Winners of the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans will earn 50 points, with 36 points going to second place, 30 to 3rd, 24 to 4th, 20 to 5th, 16 to 6th, 12 to 7th, 8 to 8th, 4 to 9th, and 2 to 10th. One point will be awarded to each car finishing above tenth place in the overall standings. As with a real endurance race, there are rules governing driving time for individual drivers: they must drive for at least four hours and no more than seven; drivers may not drive more than three hours in any five-hour period.

Competitors must ensure that they have a high-speed internet connection. If a team is disconnected from the server, the car will be returned to the pit lane, with no penalty if they reconnect. To take part in the event, drivers need a PC that can run rFactor 2 with a compatible steering wheel and pedals.

The 2022-2023 calendar

Official list of registered teams

Among the teams having announced their involvement, there are 40 renowned e-sports and car-manufacturer teams. Throughout 2023, TotalEnergies will be a partner of Team Peugeot (Team Peugeot TotalEnergies) and Panis Racing.