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Launched in 2018, MissionH24 is a collaborative project between the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) and the engineering consultancy GreenGT that aims to create a dedicated category for hydrogen-powered electric vehicles at the 24 Hours of Le Mans event in 2024. Its ambition is clear: accelerating research and development for this type of energy to achieve zero-emission mobility. It was a natural step for TotalEnergies to link up with this ambitious project, which is perfectly aligned with the Company’s commitments.

TotalEnergies, lead partner for MissionH24

As the ACO’s partner and fuel supplier for the World Endurance Championship until 2023, TotalEnergies was positioned as the ideal partner to meet Mission H24’s energy needs. This programme represents a unique opportunity for the Company to become a pioneer for the design and development of hydrogen refuelling systems.

This major challenge has driven our teams of engineers forward each day, with their work and expertise making it possible to develop the world’s first mobile hydrogen refuelling station.

  • 3,4
    to reach 100 kph
  • 450
    refuelling pressure
  • 4
    for a full refuel on average

World’s first mobile hydrogen station

The mobile hydrogen refuelling station developed by TotalEnergies for racing represents a major technological step forward! It enables a vehicle to reliably and safely refuel with hydrogen in just three minutes. It is mobile and can be redeployed to accompany the prototype and guarantee its supplies at tracks that do not yet have the necessary infrastructures in place.

This innovative station was one of the factors that made it possible for the drivers Stéphane Richelmi, Norman Nato et Stoffel Vandoorne, supported by our teams, to take part in the free practice sessions during the Michelin Le Mans Cup. Reaching speeds of nearly 300kph and emitting just water vapour, the LMPH2G prototype impressed with its technological and energy performance levels. Successful and promising first steps for everyone involved in this historic adventure.

Development of saft batteries

Saft is a fully-owned TotalEnergies Company subsidiary.

A major player for industrial high-performance batteries, Saft supplies lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for a wide range of demanding applications, from satellites to launchers and aviation, as well as for specialized hybrid and electric vehicles, both on the road and in cities (e.g. waste collection and cleaning trucks), in addition to airports and port facilities.

Saft has been a pioneer in this field: the first electric vehicles equipped with Saft batteries, back in 1919, were luggage trolleys.

Saft produces batteries for several Formula 1 teams and is also part of the Andros Electric Trophy, with electric racing cars competing on ice-covered tracks each winter since 2007.

So, it will come as no surprise that the new hydrogen prototype for MissionH24 includes a Saft battery.

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