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14/06/2022 News

Mixed fortunes at second round for Anthony Janiec

Hungaroring, Hungary, June 14th 2022- The FIA ETRC was in Hungary this weekend at the iconic Hungaroring racetrack for round two of the championship.

Anthony Janiec, the three-time truck racing champion of France and leader of the French team Lion Truck Racing, was determined to impress at the meeting in the distinctively yellow colours of his Man truck. The 37 year-old Frenchman began the meeting with an honourable performance in the opening qualifying session, finishing in ninth place. He went on to finish tenth in the first of the weekend’s four races. The meeting’s second contest started in chaotic fashion, with the race being red-flagged whilst all of the trucks caught up in the incident were cleared from the track. 

When the action resumed, Anthony Janiec enjoyed a solid restart, enabling him to claim a fine fourth place. Unfortunately, after the race, he was disqualified by the stewards. Understandably disappointed, Anthony refused nonetheless to be beaten and went back on the attack in the second qualifying session. He finished eleventh, the same place he then secured in race three. It was in the fourth and final race of the meeting that Anthony Janiec claimed his best result of the weekend on this testing track. He finished seventh, a result that augurs well for the rest of the season. A season that still has some way to go, with six rounds left to contest. Next up for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship competitors is the challenge of the Slovakia Ring on 2-3 July.

Championship update

Following a weekend of mixed fortunes at round two of the FIA ETRC, Lion Truck Racing’s driver lies just outside the top ten in the overall standings.