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Team Lion Truck Racing – ETRC


Jonathan André

39 years old

Jonathan André has been a mainstay of Lion Truck Racing since he joined the team ten years ago when it was formed. Given that his father was an HGV driving instructor, who also raced trucks competitively, you would be forgiven for thinking Jonathan was destined to end up behind the wheel of racing truck. However, before competing on track, this passionate petrol head held roles as team manager and race engineer at Lion Truck Racing. It was the tragic death of Anthony Janiec that propelled to him into the role of team driver in both the European and French Truck Racing Championships. Up until that point, his racing experience was limited to a few non-competitive outings in the Clio Cup and the Rencontres Peugeot Sport. However, since being promoted to the main team, he has fared rather well, steadily improving in each of his races. So much so, in fact, that he recently finished third and then won a race in the French Truck Racing Championship as part of the meeting for the 2022 Le Mans 24-Hour Truck Race.


  • 2022: Won a race in the French Truck Racing Championship at Le Mans

The truck : MAN TGS


Engine info

Other info



MINIMUM WEIGHT: 5.3 tonnes

GEARBOX: 16-speed manual gearbox

TYRES: Goodyear

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