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Held as part of the French Rally Championship, the 2023 Alpine Elf Rally Trophy sees Alpine A110 Rally cars of the R-GT category tackle some of France’s finest stages. Longstanding partner of the Dieppe-based brand, Elf has provided the lubricants and fluids that have helped turn the modern reincarnation of the famous rear-wheel drive car into a genuine rally performer.

The A110 Rally developed in close conjunction with ELF

Alpine’s success in motorsport has always gone hand in hand with the Elf brand, so it was inevitable that it would be involved in the French manufacturer’s return to rallying. Elf contributed its expertise to the development of the A110 Rally undertaken by Signatech, with the use of the Elf HTX860 lubricant for its 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, the Elf HTX755 lubricant for its sequential six-speed gearbox and the Elf HTX320 brake fluid for its braking system.

It has been a resounding success, with the car achieving first-rate performances since it was launched. Look no further, for example, than the historical win secured by Nicolas Ciamon at the 2021 Rallye d’Antibes, beating a host of four-wheel drive cars in the Rally 2 category. Its balance and power-to-weight ratio is especially impressive (330 hp for 1,100kg), delivering effective performance regardless of the surface.

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