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The Asian Le Mans Series is becoming the reference endurance racing series in Asia and the Series is also the perfect training ground for those wanting to step up the ACO ladder. The Asian Le Mans Series is a four round Championship featuring races of four hours in length, which takes place during winter time in Europe. As part of its partnership with the ACO, TotalEnergies is official fuel supplier.


Through this strategic partnership with the ACO, the Group is building on its longstanding commitment to endurance racing. Like an open-air test lab, the track represents a key source of innovation, because the demands of endurance racing – long race times and distances – push us to develop increasingly high-performance fuels that will one day be available to motorists.

The ACO has recently redefined the rules for Endurance, introducing stricter constraints. Now, the objective is to achieve the best performance while minimising fuel consumption. This revolution reflects the current concerns of both manufacturers and motorists: consuming less and reducing their environmental footprint.

To meet these requirements, our engineers have developed a new fuel called TotalEnergies Excellium Endurance, which was introduced for the 2021-2022 season of the Asian Le Mans Series. This specially-designed fuel contains 10% ethanol from renewable sources (plant waste), delivers greater energy efficiency and is partly composed (5%) of bio-hydrocarbons, i.e. derived from biomass materials. This process marks another significant step taken by Total towards its goal of using more and more renewable sources in its fuels. This high-octane fuel also makes it possible to optimise both compression ratios and ignition settings for turbocharged engines, improving their output (ratio between mechanical power generated and thermal power consumed) and increasing their longevity. Last, TotalEnergies Excellium Endurance reduces fuel consumption by 2,5 % to 3 %.

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