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Our commitment in Moto3

Dorna Sports, the MotoGP promoter, launched the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship in 2012. Based on the Motorcycle Grand Prix calendar, the Moto3 class is held alongside the MotoGP and Moto2 events.

Moto3: Junior motorcycle racing class

The FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship is all about renewal.

The Moto3 class traces its roots back to a previous and lower category in terms of engine capacity. The bikes are now fitted with a single-cylinder four-stroke 250cc engine rather than a two-stroke 125cc engine.

Looking beyond this purely technical change, the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship is also a showcase for new talents. With riders aged 16 to 28, the Moto3 class attracts upcoming young talents from around the world looking to develop their potential and take their first steps with a view to one day joining the iconic MotoGP. Globally, the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship is recognized as a major springboard for a career in the world of motorbike racing.

ELF and Moto3

Contrary to Moto2, Moto3 is an open category, even if the regulations impose cost constraints in terms of engines, electronics and tyre allocations. Since 2020, Elf has associated itself in the Grands Prix introductory class with the KTM Tech 3 team who this year are entering two young riders: the Spanish rider Adrian Fernandez and the Turk Deniz Öncü.

With cubic capacity limited to 250cc, Moto3 demands a great deal of precision when it comes to engine settings. The performance of fuels is therefore essential, as are that of lubricants. In order to develop the best products, Elf engineers work on developing technical specifications in collaboration with the engine developers.

Partnership have also been created with international universities, with engineers having to find the right molecules to transform chemical energy into thermal and then mechanical energy via the engine. In addition to specific fuels, lubricants are also developed in response to very precise requirements.

  • 250 cc
    capacity of a Moto3 class bike
  • 16 to 28
    age of Moto3 riders
  • 3
    number of manufacturers competing (KTM, Honda, Husqvarna)

The 2022 stakes

This year seven riders have left Moto3. Apart from Darryn Binder who makes the leap to MotoGP, the six others have moved, as would be expected, to Moto2: title holder Pedro Acosta, Romano Fenati, fifth in the championship, Niccolo Antonelli, sixth, Jeremy Alcoba, twelfth, Fillip Salac, sixteenth, and Gabriel Rodrigo, nineteenth. Transfers that should help the three riders who finished on Acosta’s heels, vice-world champion Dennis Foggia, Sergio Garcia, third in the championship and Jaume Masia fourth.

Three riders who stay in the same teams as last year: Leopard for Foggia – now with Tatsuki Suzuki – Aspar for Garcia and Ajo for Masia. Of course, while they start favourites for the title, an outsider could always get in among them. Deniz Öncü for example, who will now have Adrian Fernandez alongside him at Tech 3, or Izan Guevara, junior world champion in 2020, who we saw post some encouraging results last year. This season there will be only ten Hondas on the Moto3 starting grid. With twenty bikes, KTM make up two thirds of the entry, if you include bikes carrying the Husqvarna, GasGas or CFMoto brands.

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